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"Dunvegan" is 500 acres, currently comprising of approx 150 acres developed for horses whilst the remainder is utilized by fine wool merinos and fat crossbred lambs.  Through its reputation of producing some of Australia's best merino stock, the New England area (particularly the Salisbury Plains) is commonly referred to as God's Country; with this in mind we expect it to be a contributing factor in the rearing of quality thoroughbred stock as well!

Each paddock is large and undulating and has troughs and large shelters.  There are established tree lines already with many more to come.  Vacuuming of poohs is done daily.  Paddocks are kept well fertilised and are mulched, harrowed, sprayed, and cropped when deemed necessary. 

All new horse fencing is 5'9" to 6ft high for optimum safety.  Improvements are being made continuously!  We have a 22m sand roundyard and a 20m X 60m sand dressage arena. 

With our current set-up we can prep up to 8 yearlings and/or pre-trainers and cater for a further 30 broodmares or spellers.

There are four large floodlit foaling yards (with shelters) situated between the two houses, perfect for that midnight/early morning foaling alarm!


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