Lot 591

Classic Sale 2021

Zoustar/Empress Zakynthos Filly:

Accepted MM (rated top 3 Zoustar's), however going to Classic as we are a small vendor that have always sold there, and were worried about covid and border closures.

We have been waiting 16 years to breed an athlete this good, and will no doubt breed for another 16 years before we are this lucky again!

Her athleticism, agility, balance, length of stride, attitude (sassy yet so sensible and trainable) literally blows my mind every time I watch her or work with her.  Trotting on the lunge she will literally over step by 5 hoof prints - freak! In the paddock she is mesmerizing, her long legs cover the ground effortlessly. No matter what the conditions I have never seen her slip or misjudge a single stride, even when flat chat galloping in the mud ducking in and out of the other horses or galloping around tight slippery bends. She does acrobats that make me cringe yet lands on the ground as lightly as a cat. Chiros have never found anything wrong with her, massage people never find any tension. She wants to be caught, gallops to you every time, can't get enough of work, feed, stabling etc. Her nostrils are huge.....
I could go on forever, just check her out yourselves!!  I have no doubt she will not be perfectly behaved at the sale all of the time but I really don't care, she is very smart with an abundance of brilliance, to contain this is a big ask, lol.
Tall and well grown (currently bum high), very correct. 

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