• Justin Clarke Co-Owner/Breeder 02 67785098

    Justin is a son of a bookmaker, hence was roaming the tracks from a very young age.  His love for racing grew as he did, then as an adult he began to focus on the breeding side of the industry.  When he is not out on the farm or helping Sam with their 30 odd horses you may find him in front of his computer researching and following his ever growing obsession!

  • Sam Croft Co-Owner/Breeder 02 67785098

    Like many riders, Sam was thrown on a horse to save a pram thanks to her mother's life long love of horses.  This was followed by Pony Club, Dressage, Showjumping, and most consuming of all, Eventing.  From 2000 on-wards she has been fully converted to racing, developing a love for breeding and a keen interest in following bloodlines, sires and broodmare sires.  Her duties range from stabling, feeding, handling, grooming, pre-training young racehorses, foaling down, unofficial vet nurse, etc!  Pictured here with her brother and two nieces.

  • Richard & Cherie Croft Support Team

    Invaluable team members.  Without this pair we would never be able to leave the farm!

    Their duties are extensive and words cannot say how helpful they are to our business.  Thankyou so much for your blood, sweat and tears!

  • The Larger Team Various Professionals

    Like many thoroughbred establishments, we are heavily reliant on a large number of talented professionals to insure the total health and welfare of our horses.

    Farriers, Vets, Dentists, Chiro's, Physio's, Nutritionists, Agronomists, Trainer's, mentor's, helping hands, etc, etc.  You know who you are and we are forever grateful to you for all your hard work and tremendous care.